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Lots of chicken

We have plenty of chicken left still. These chickens are good for baking, profiling, roasting, frying, barbecue, rotisserie, shish kebabs, chicken salad,  grilled chicken on your salad, white chili, homemade chicken nuggets, quesadillas, tacos, chimichangas, burritos, stirfry, General Tso’s chicken, how are famous garlic lime chicken, soup, chicken and dumplings, and much more!

What Time Do I Need To Pick Up?
Pick up on Tuesdays at the farm from 3-6 pm.

There is also delivery of FRESH chicken to St  Louis, please order weekly off the shopping cart.

How Do I Reserve a Chicken?
To reserve your chicken you must place a $7 deposit by calling Rachel at 573-382-3844 between the hours of 10 am to 8 pm. Though my hands are busy a lot so I can’t get to the phone; I will return your call when I can. Please feel free to leave a message with the number of chickens and proposed date.

Want to save money?
Our base price in the store will be $3.50 per pound. You can save money by doing three things:

1. Put down a deposit of $7.00 per chicken. This will be applied to your total cost at time of pick up. Nonrefundable if you don’t pick up in 2015.
2. Buy 26 chickens at a time. You will save $.10 per pound for each chicken.
3. Pick up your chicken from 3-6 pm on the date you sign up for while it is still fresh, not frozen. The savings are big at $.30 per pound. If your plans change you can still pick up your chicken but it will be frozen so you forfeit this discount.

Taking advantage of the savings opportunity gives you a $.40 per pound discount! That adds up on a 4-5 pound chicken.


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