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Know your farmer, know your food

This is Matt, the farmer at Family Friendly Farm. For some time now I have been meaning to write about our farm and what goes on everyday as a way for our customers to learn about the food they eat. This blog will mainly be written for customers but others just interested in healthy food production may find it useful. I intend to share things that happen throughout the seasons as a way to teach others about the value, the joys, and pains of local, healthy food production.

I encourage questions ( I will try to incorporate those questions into this blog. I like to tell people on farm tours that you can only truly find out about your food by asking the farmer that grows it. You may not always like the answer but at least you can ask the question. Compare that to buying at Schnucks, Walmart, or Dierbergs. At those places you can only read a carefully crafted label or website. Here you can find out what you want to know from a real person who is in the trenches of food production every day.

Our farm is a diverse pasture based farm.  We primarily raise grassfed Jersey cows for milk and beef, Red Sex-link hens for eggs, Cornish x Rock chickens for meat.  We also raise a few pigs each year and have a small garden.  In future blogs I hope to write about all of these different areas of the farm and how they work together.

I have been farming in this way since 2005.  I grew up in Southern MN and wanted to farm my whole life.  In junior high, high school, and most of college I worked on traditional row crop farms and also got some experience with hogs and beef cattle.  Towards the end of my college time I was able to work on a mega-dairy and learn a little about milk cows.  Even when I was in grad school I found ways to farm.  We had big gardens and we eventually moved onto a 100 acre hay farm where we helped the farmer bale hay when I didn’t want to be in the lab working on research.  We moved to Missouri and quickly set up a farm, which grew into Family Friendly Farm.  Now farming is my full time job and I am very grateful for the opportunity to farm.  I couldn’t farm without dedicated customers buying and consuming the things I raise.  Thanks for all of your support.  Sometimes customer support is what gets me through the tough times.

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The farm, the food and the myriad of connections to health.