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Family & Farm Update

I am sure many of our long time customers are wondering why we’ve been quiet so long.  I thought you’d like to hear what’s been going on…

In the fall of 2016, Matt, and our son Darrell, were bicycling about a mile from our home when they were hit by a car. Ironically, I was in St. Louis buying a bicycle for me when I got the call from Matt that they had been hit by a car and needed to go to the emergency room. He doesn’t bring his phone bicycling so he can focus his time with the kids. As a result he was using the other mans phone and sounded a bit out of it. 

I immediately posted a prayer request on Facebook and God took care of them immediately. One lived at the accident scene and another neighbor saw the post and drove the neighborhood until he found them. Oh, the blessings!

People came out of the woodwork to help us during the following months: changed their schedules to be of assistance anyway they could. It was such a blessing to feel loved!

Matt and Darrell were alive and we focused on that during the following months as they worked on recovering. 

Immediately after the accident, we struggled to get the most vital work done even with helpers. Thankfully Miss Natalie (an intern) was already trained in and was able to run the farm well. 

It was around this time, the milk supply dropped dramatically, less than half of the lowest level ever before. Decisions we made three years ago to sell our young heifer calves and purchase adult cows backfired. It was our first winter without young heifers calving and producing milk. Additionally, we had several “freak” thing happen that were not something we could have planned for but seriously dropped our milk supplies; a cow was hit by a car, two were bit by snakes, one fell in a ditch and became paralyzed. 

Without enough milk we had to decide what to do. With much deliberation and prayer we suspended deliveries to St Louis. It was not easy. We know how hard it is to find grassfed milk. Our guilt was high. 

But quickly we faced another issue, without deliveries we were losing s good chunk of our income. How would we pay our bills?

Rachel has been teaching people about Essential Oils and non-toxic lifestyle products for the last few years. We want to thank each of you that purchased essential oils and non-toxic home products, this provided a steady income throughout the winter. We are thankful for your support. In addition, Rachel was offered a full time job caring for a special needs girl. So grateful that God took care of us. 

As Matt healed a bit, we focused on catching up and designing a more manageable system. It’s not necessary intiuitive how you make a pure labor job that involves a lot of walking into a more manageable task. We did what we could, we cut out spring chickens for example. 

And now that we are nine months into recovery, we are selectively adding in what we can do well. We are just now ready to add in fall chickens. Yay!!

Darrell is just starting back to karate, discouraged how much ability he lost. He still aches occasionally but we rejoice in his life being spared. 

Matt is adjusting to a new normal. His knee with osteoarthritis was damaged severely. The rest of his body took a beating. He still needs to rest for several hours a day and just can’t work as hard as he used to. Still, it’s a miracle he’s alive and we stay focused on that. 

Rachel continues teaching classes to empower people to support their families naturally with products they can trust.  If you’ve seen the store recently you can tell it’s a passion to share the blessings we’ve been given. There is something for everyone from arthritic pain, men’s needs, endocrine support, emotional balancing, baby’s and children, just for moms, make up and beauty, cleaning products, sunscreen, bug spray  and more!   Give her a call or text 573-382-3844 to make lasting changes in your life. Whether you need one item or a hundred, your support will help us keep farming as long as we can. We are grateful. 

We will continue to do our best to raise the best milk in Missouri and amazing pasture raised chicken and eggs. We thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Much love from our family to yours. 

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