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Fall Chicken Orders accepted from now to July 1st 

Hi there! It is Rachel from Family Friendly Farm. I hope this finds you well. It may have been a while since we’ve seen you.

It’s time to order chickens! Once again, we will be raising chickens for fall processing. Please note we may not raise them next spring but wait until fall when weather related losses are lower. You may want to order enough to last. 

OCTOBER 7th Pick up day for fresh or frozen chicken will be on October 7th, 9a-5p. Price this day is $3.25/lb. Buy 26 or more at one time and save $0.15/lb!

NOVEMBER 4th Pick up day for frozen whole chickens will be November 4th, 9a-5p. Price this day is $3.50/lb. Please note this price is a bit higher. Buy 26 or more at one time and save $0.15/lb!

DEPOSIT. We are not requiring a deposit this year but several have already requested if they can send us money to put on file for them (a mini savings plan).  

HOW CAN I ORDER? Call or text Rachel, 573-382-3844 to reserve what you will need until next fall. Please detail how many and which date. 

DEADLINE. I’ll need to know by July 1st (our deadline to order chicks).

SUPPORT. Thank you for your continued support over the years. It is truly a pleasure working with you. May God be showering blessings on you until we meet again.

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