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We are so excited you would consider us to be your farmers. We really try our best to provide you a nutrient dense food source so your can build your body up in health and wellness. Our Farm Store is the hubbub of activity on the first Saturday of the month. We have a selection of items that are hard to find:

  • 100% Grassfed Milk. This is unpastureized, unhomogenized milk with the cream on top in a glass jar. The cows are often in view from the store.
  • 100% Grassfed beef from our Jersey cows. Not every cow can be a grassfed milk cow. After generations of feeding grain the genetics have been changed, some cows just can’t transition to an all grassfed diet. Actually only 1 in 4 is a keeper for our dairy herd. The rest make great grassfed ground beef.
  • Eggs from Hens on Pasture. These are very tasty, colorfully yolked eggs. You can see the beautiful hens up the hill when you are here.
  • Stewing Hens. After three or four years of laying eggs these hens are going to drop so much in production we just can’t justify keeping them as layers. They are perfect though for Chicken and Dumplings, Chicken Soup, Chicken Salad and much more.
  • Pasture-raised Broiler Chicken. This is the plump, juicy kind of chicken that makes your mouth water and motivates you to get the grill going. These chickens are great for baking, broiling, frying, roasting, rotisserie, smoking, soup, salad, and much more.
    We try to keep them in the freezers but we stay mainly sold out. We process fresh chicken May to October and encourage you to stock pile what you need for the year in your freezers.
  • Naturally raised Pork. Finally Nitrate free bacon and flavor that is so mild, you will go back for seconds. You can visit the piggies when you are here.
  • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon from our friends, Tony and Heather Woods. Tony and a crew fish the Bristol Bay in Alaska all day long in the summer then take it to land where Heather is waiting with a crew to cut it up and flash freeze it! In the fall, they come home to the Carbondale, IL  area and sell this wonderful Salmon all winter!
  • Local, Raw Honey from our friends, Grant and Nancy Gillard. He has been supplying us since 2004! Excellent stuff with a strong flavor you will instantly love.
  • All Natural Veggies from our friends, Jeff and Jessie Sanders. They are in their first year of productions and we are looking forward to building our relationship. So far we have had strawberries, radishes, lettuces, kale, and we are excited to see what is upcoming.

Farm Store Hours

First Saturday of the month
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Click here for map and directions.

Farm Store Location

834 State Highway V
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

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Delivery to a Drop Spot

We have suspended deliveries until further notice.

Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Cape Girardeau, MO: Natural Health Organic Foods
Carbondale, IL: Longbranch Coffeehouse,

Town near you: ask your local stores and restaurants if they would like to offer our chicken (MO restaurants only) or eggs (grocery stores and restaurants). Sadly, we can not sell our milk to grocery stores or restaurants at this time.

8 Responses to How to Buy

  1. Alice says:

    I am writing this e-mail for my sister because she does not have a computer. She got some friendly Farms Yogart. The yogart taste sandy. What is wrong with it. She got it from Aldies.

  2. Hi Jim, we do have pups available first week of March. We do Puppy Aptitude Testing to help us determine just the right pup (based on personality traits) for each home/farm. Cost will be $200 each. Learn more at Our Dogs page.

  3. jim ehalt says:

    I’m looking for a female badger pyr pup, do you have one and how much are you asking? thanks


  4. tamela says:

    wish you were closer to grand rapids, Michigan! I would be a faithful customer!

  5. Barb J. says:

    Wish you were here in Fredericktown.

  6. HPrada says:

    If I come to your store can I pay with a debit card or do I need to bring cash ?

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