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The farm store.

Our farm store is in the front of our home.

We offer our grassfed milk, pasture-raised chicken and eggs from pastured hens. For your convenience, we have items from many other farmers and producers as well. Items include grassfed beef, pastured pork, wild Alaskan salmon, local raw honey, local rice and popcorn, sprouted grain bread products, healthy treats and sweets, and much more!

On Farm Store

Store hours:
Tuesday 3 pm – 6 pm
Saturday 9 am to 3 pm

Map and directions.

Delivery to a Drop Spot

We bring all the many items from our store to locations 1 hour or more away on a biweekly basis.
Use this link to get to the SHOPPING CART for online ordering.


Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Cape Girardeau, MO: Natural Health Organic Foods
Jackson, MO: Lil’ Miss Muffin & Stuff Cafe
Arnold, MO: Good 4-U Nutrition
St. Louis, MO: Local Harvest Grocery
Florissant, MO: Blue Sky Nutrition
Edwardsville, IL: Green Earth Grocery
Carbondale, IL: Town Square Market, Longbranch Coffeehouse, Neighborhood Co-op

Town near you: ask your local stores and restaurants if they would like to offer our chicken (MO restaurants only) or eggs (grocery stores and restaurants). Sadly, we can not sell our milk to grocery stores or restaurants at this time.


  1. Hi!,

    I am loving all of you products! So excited to find a great farm that delivers to St. Louis! I was wondering if you ever seek chicken feet? I use them for my stock and would love to order some. Thanks,


  2. Hi–I see that Festus is listed in your northern route, but it’s not linked (as the other cities are), and I don’t see it mentioned on the calendar. Does that mean you no longer deliver there? Thanks,

    • We are waiting to get enough people. For now I recommend using the Arnold drop. When big enough we will split it into two one in Arnold the other in Festus.

      • Donald Cavins says:


        My wife and I are very interested in your fresh milk. We live in Festus and were wondering how close you are to having delivery to Festus? Also, I probably just didn’t look close enough, but I couldn’t find a price for the milk. Would we need to provide containers to swap out for the new delivery? We’ve had a couple of local suppliers here, but one we couldn’t count on getting the milk when we needed it. She required jars that
        we would swap out when we bought more. The one we have been using currently is taking a hiatus for 9 months and she provides the milk in sealed plastic jugs. Anything else you might think of to tell us would be greatly apprediated.

        Thank You,

        Don and Norma Cavins

  3. Kathy Harrison says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Was wondering if when you did the delivery to Sikeston do you deliver milk that one purchases or is that a bit difficult?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. I live in Paducah, KY and find your store’s open hours prohibitive to my shopping at your store, otherwise, I would be very interested in your milk and poultry. Do you know of any farm, family closer to the Paducah area that sells raw milk products and free range poultry? Thank you.

    • I am sure there are several farmers with eggs. Try the Farmers Market or Heath Health Food store. As far as I know we are the closest grassfed dairy to Paducah. I know how limited our hours are. I can set aside a few minutes for you. Call to let me know when you can make it here. Too bad Saturdays don’t work, you could meet our driver in Sikeston. It would save driving time.

  5. Mike Helpingstine says:

    When is your next delivery date to Florissant?

  6. cleo emery says:

    do you have a price list.

    • It is difficulty to keep an online price list updated. Feel free to call me. I can go through the items we offer. Most people are local so they just drive out.

      For the ones who want delivery they can just look at the online shopping cart.

  7. how do I unfollow replies?

  8. Linda Ober says:

    Can we order chicken directly from you and pick it up at one of the locations you deliver to, such as the Neighborhood Coop in Carbondale?

    • I’m sorry Linda, the government doesn’t want us to drive chicken or milk across state lines. Current customers just drive to the farm picking up a whole bunch and putting in their freezers.

  9. Can you give me the company
    name of the yogurt starter

  10. Hi Jim, we do have pups available first week of March. We do Puppy Aptitude Testing to help us determine just the right pup (based on personality traits) for each home/farm. Cost will be $200 each. Learn more at Our Dogs page.

  11. I’m looking for a female badger pyr pup, do you have one and how much are you asking? thanks


  12. wish you were closer to grand rapids, Michigan! I would be a faithful customer!

  13. Wish you were here in Fredericktown.

    • Thanks for the compliment Barb. We do have customers that meet us from that area going to Arnold or coming to the farm for once a month stock ups. I’m sorry we can’t get more places at this time.

  14. If I come to your store can I pay with a debit card or do I need to bring cash ?

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