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From time to time there is someone who wants to do a story. It is always fun for us to share so we thought you might enjoy some of the different articles written over time.

Missouri's Constitutional Amendment #1

by Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Vote NO and Protect Missouri’s Family Farms

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Farm Hosts Chef/Blogger from NY

What fun we had with Ben Towhill this afternoon! He is a restaurant owner, chef, New York Times blogger, and activist. He is traveling across United States raising money for people trying to change the way we eat. All of the donations go to a local food pantry called Just...Read More »

FDA at it again - Action required

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is up to their old tricks.  They have the mistaken notion that keeping wild birds and mice away from chickens will stop the transfer of Salmonela to eggs. Did I just hear your jaw drop?

Read more about it. The proposed guidance is...Read More »

Help Stop Corporate Ag Bills in Missouri

Help Stop Corporate Ag Bills in the Senate—
Come to the Capitol on Wednesday, April 3rd!

Two very bad constitutional amendments are coming to the Senate floor any day.  HJR 7&11 and SJR 22 are anti-local control, anti-family farm bills that would cement pro-industrial ag language into our Missouri constitution.  These...Read More »

Aspartame in Milk?

Aspartame in milk? Not here yet but it may not be long.

As milk sales have declined in recent years the milk industry has sought ways to push up sales. Now they have an idea… ASPARTAME!

The idea is ludicrous and hard to even believe. The concept is driven by...Read More »

Natural Farming

February 19, 2005

Jason Lindsey of KFVS12, our local tv station, featured our farm in the news. Wow! Although I talk to people all day, it was very hard to talk to a camera. The write up is brief but it was a lot of fun to show him...Read More »

Gone Green

September 22, 2006

Callie Clark Miller wrote a little piece including us. You can read the article entitled Gone Green in the Southeast Missourian. I got to be on the cover. Kind of fun!

I thought you might enjoy this piece of our history.


...Read More »

Turning Chickens Back to Nature

June 16, 2005

Linda Redeffer wrote an article about our farm. You can read the article entitled Turning Chickens Back to Nature in the Southeast Missourian. Darrell, our son, got to be on the cover. So cute!

...Read More »

Cape Girardeau Farmers Send Their Animals Back to the Land

July 3, 2007 Dayna Conner, a features columnist at the Carbondale Times, wrote Cape_Girardeau_Farmers Send Their Animals Back to the Land highlighting what we do. I thought you might enjoy reading a bit of history.

...Read More »

Family Friendly Farm Brings Nutrition Back to Soil

I would love to give each person a personal tour but our time is so limited these days. Its always fun to be in the news and blogs count these days. So I will be sending you to check out what Amity Downing wrote in her blog titled Family...Read More »

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