The Connection to Health

We want you to experience health to the fullest. Each persons body is different but we all need key nutrients. As the research shows where we get our nutrients does make a difference. Eat Wild does a great job documenting the health benefits of eating grassfed meat, eggs and milk. The health benefits of grassfed meats are wonderful. The results are very similar for chicken, eggs, beef and milk. Please go to their site for full details. Below is a small summary of the research.

Milk from grassfed cows can have as much as five times more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than their grain fed counter parts. This may be important if you want your body to fight cancer.

EFA or essential fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3 are both needed but in the proper ratio. Feeding grain to cattle nearly eliminates omega-3 while increasing omega-6s. You may want the higher omega-3s if you wish to prevent heart attacks and want your brain to function optimally.

Vitamin E has been shown to be four times higher in grassfed beef. This will be important to those who wish to avoid heart disease and cancer.

Vitamin D can be up to six times higher in pastured hens. Great to know if you wish to have strong bones, lower blood pressure or to fight cancer.

It has been shown that grassfed animals have as much as one third fewer calories and fat than grain fed. Wonderful if you’re wishing to lose weight.

There are many other great health benefits from grassfed meat, eggs and milk. More details can be found at

SEMO Food Roots

Join us as we learn together! SEMO Food Roots is a demonstration & discussion group teaching people the art of cooking traditional foods like sauerkraut, sourdough breads, kefir and yogurt, etc. as researched by Dr. Weston A. Price. Dr. Price spent years studying health rather than disease. He wanted to know why some didn’t get sick while others nearby suffered terribly. His findings oppose everything we have been taught by the USDA and FDA.

Better health is in the reach of nearly all people through traditional foods. Many of the foods are easy (eggs from pastured hens) and some have a learning curve (sauerkraut). All are possible but perhaps new (to many of us).

Come and learn with us as we search for optimal health using food as our route to wellness. We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Cape Library.

See website for topics and dates.

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SEMO Food Roots
Fourth Thursday of each month
(573) 243-9098 711 North Clark Street
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

My Journey to Health

You can read the details about how I got sick and how I am working toward health using nutrition.

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