Our Dogs

In 2004, we were losing one chicken a day to hawks. At ten dollars a chicken it was adding up fast. We already had electric poultry netting for ground predators. Honestly, we didn’t expect too many predators from the sky.

We looked at available options for aerial protection. Slim pickings for a mobile operation. Guard dogs seemed the only option. Although Matthew has never been a “dog person” he could see the benefits outweighed the inconvenience.

After much research I selected Great Pyrenees. Calm disposition. Good guard dogs. Likes people. Did I mention at this point in time I was still afraid of dogs?

I only knew one person with a Great Pyrenees, Mary Liz. I remember thinking if I had to pick a dog I would want one just like her dog, Louie.

I visited a local man with a litter of Great Pyrenees pups and got permission to do puppy aptitude testing on his litter. Afterward, I chose two pups (Blue and Daisy) making arrangements to pick them up when they were a bit older.

Shortly after, I saw Mary Liz. Little did I know she was looking for a home for him. Next thing I know I’m making arrangements to pick up Louie. So in a space of three weeks we had three new dogs to guard our farm! Of course, the puppies wouldn’t be ready for a couple years–up to three for a pup to mature! Good thing we had Louie in the meantime.

It was the start of a new adventure!

Although Louie was pretty strong-minded, he would let Darrell walk him around occasionally. The rest of the time he just sat and Darrell couldn’t tug hard enough to make him go anywhere. Louis was a fairly strong alpha male who was tolerant of people and even enjoyed them on his terms but didn’t appreciate people telling him what to do.

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