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The Farmer

Matthew carrying egg basket.

Matthew is a hard worker from morning to night. He loves that his work produces such good results and knows that people depend on him.

Matt spend his whole life dreaming of farming. As a youngster he would make tracks in the carpet as he planted his “fields” with his John Deere tractor. As he entered school he received the pat response “you don’t want to farm; your smart”. He worked on area farms big and small and looked for ways to farm. In Minnesota you don’t farm without a thousand acres you inherit with the hundred thousand dollar combine to go with it. He had no farm to inherit so he pushed his dreams aside and went to school. As he entered college it was the same. He pursued as career as an educator. After teaching high school science for one year he went on to graduate school at the University of Maryland where he received his degree in Analytical Chemistry with an emphasis in Environmental Chemistry. In 2003, he got a job teaching at Southeast Missouri State University. That was when his wife read a book by Joel Salatin and the farming inspiration was rekindled.

They bought small property just outside of town and got a few hogs and hens later that year and Family Friendly Farm was born!

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