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The Food

Sustainable farming provides such a good, quality food. But we need to know what to do with it! Over the years selling whole chickens we find the majority of people are unfamiliar with using whole chicken and are unfamiliar with what to do. Here are some thoughts…

Here at Family Friendly Farm we believe that the salvation of our food system is dependent on everyone buying local, eating seasonal and supporting the local farmers and producers with their food dollars. Without this, we are left with multinational conglomerates dictating all our food options. Ugh, what a horrible option!

What do we produce and sell?

Grassfed Cows Milk
Pastured Chicken
Eggs from Pastured Hens

Not everyone can have a store in their home. We have offered to carry the products of the farmers in our area to broaden their marketing options and customer base. We want to see them succeed! Let’s show our support for the farmers and producers in our area.

What do we offer from other producers?

Grassfed Beef; Pastured Pork; Wild, Alaskan Salmon

Organic Rice; Organic Popcorn, Sprouted Grain Breads

Grassfed Cheese

Raw Honey

Nuts & Legumes
Missouri Pecans

Condiments & Other
Organic Apple Butter

Bath & Body Care
Goat Milk Soap
Natural Soap & Lotions
Insect Spray, Deodorants, Salves

Now that I have it, what do I do with it?

Here is your chance to be inspired. We encourage you to share your best recipes as well.

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Garlic Lime Chicken

So many new people. Thought you’d enjoy this…

This is an adaption of the recipe from Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely. We have been using this since the book first came out some time ago. She doesn’t specify using pastured chicken but to get the health benefits we consider it essential....Read More »

Garlic Lime Chicken

 This is an adaption of the recipe from Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely. We have been using this since the book first came out some time ago. She doesn’t specify using pastured chicken but to get the health benefits we consider it essential. She suggests boneless skinless chicken...Read More »

Time to order FRESH Chicken for 2015


We are excited to start again with chickens. The chicks are out on posture and looking good! It is always such a fun, crazy time in the spring when all the chickens start arriving weekly. Exciting!

We have set the schedule for the 2015 Chicken Orders. There are some neat changes...Read More »

2015 Fresh Chicken Sign Up!

It has been another cold winter here on the farm. It is always fun after the first of January to get those seed catalogs. The hope of spring returns. There is always a sense of renewal that is refreshing. A chance to start again on a fresh page.

So this year we...Read More »

Milk Supply and Prepaying

It is with great disappointment we inform you of the realities of going against the grain of society. We opted long ago (by vote of our customers) not to give our dairy cows grain. This automatically means milk volume would be lower. We also only milk our cows only once...Read More »

Half Hogs Almost Sold Out

I have been working with the butcher shop all day to get the half/whole hog orders finalized. I do have a few left if interested.

For the people in St. Louis who are too far to pick up we can offer a generic half hog. It is 70-100 lbs of pork...Read More »

Half Hogs Coming Soon

It is time. The hogs are ready plump and ready. They go to the butcher shop on Tuesday! 

For those of you who enjoy choosing your own cuts, deciding on the thickness of your pork steak or bacon we have just the thing for you. A half hog is just exactly...Read More »

Fresh Chicken Reservation Update

We are now sold out of chicken for spring. We thank you for your support.

We have plenty left for fall though dates are filling up. Remaining dates still available are below.

Fall Early Bird Reservation Deadline: July 1st

Fresh Chicken Pick Up Dates
August 26
September 2, September 9, September...Read More »

Fresh Chicken Orders

Baked Chicken

We are pleased to offer you pasture raised chicken again in 2014. We raise the chickens in portable pens on the pasture moving them daily so they have fresh grass and bugs. We supplement this with local grains, sunshine and love.

Our base price in the store will be $3.50...Read More »

Cows, Hay and Milk

As life would have it there are lessons to learn on the farm. Just as Matt was getting confident he has the solutions there is a monkey wrench thrown in the ring. This time we learned that not all hay is created equal.

When we ran out of the yummy hay...Read More »

Beef and Pork back in Stock

Yay! We have beef and pork back in stock after a small shortage.

Our Grassfed Jersey beef is fulling up the freezers. We have ground beef, bone-in loin roasts, chuck roasts, stew meat, soup bones and even knuckle!

Our Hoophouse hogs are taking over all the available freezer space. We have ground...Read More »

Thank you for your support

Last week, we sent out a sale notice explaining our tight finances. We figured by discounting the cost you could buy more (good for you) and help clear out our freezers raising money (good for us). A win-win situation if ever there was one.

We were touched by how many...Read More »

Sale on Frozen Chicken

For the thrifty, we have whole frozen chicken on sale the month of February for only $2.50 per pound!

That’s a full dollar per pound off our regular price!

That’s cheaper than you can get it fresh!!!

Fine print: Sale is over when we run out or February 1st whichever is...Read More »

Beef and Pork Inventory

Thanks for your support. Beef and pork have been flying off the shelves.

We are pretty well sold out of ground beef. There are several packs of liver and bone-in loin roasts remaining.

More on the way in one month.

Pork inventory is reduced to ground pork and pork sausage....Read More »

Roasted Chicken Recipe Template


With chickens being so big this year I imagine there will be lots of them roasted. It’s an easy cooking technique that provides such scrumptious fare for minimal effort. If you’re new to using whole chickens you will appreciate the simplicity of roasting. You really can’t go wrong.

I will...Read More »

Vinegar Cheese Variations

If you haven’t tried vinegar cheese yet then I recommend you do. It is a fast and easy cheese. Nearly foolproof for the beginner. Find the recipe here.

The following is a list of different ways to season your cheese to mix things up a bit. I hope...Read More »

Only FOUR dates remaining for FRESH Chicken

If you have been waiting for just the right date to order your chicken for the winter, NOW is the time. We have only four dates left with unreserved chicken.

We sell out each year though as various times. Some years as early as September. Some as late as March. Always...Read More »

A Calf & Word of Mouth Advertising

We have never tried to be a big company. We are a couple of people raising food to help our community improve their health and well-being with nutrition. Until two weeks ago we didn’t even have a sign to help people find us. We figured the people looking knew where...Read More »

Just 8 dates remaining for FRESH pastured chicken

Baked Chicken

There are just eight chicken processing dates left for FRESH chicken pick up. If you would like to try the chicken, you can stop by on most Tuesdays. We generally have a few extra but they do sell out quickly sometimes.


Want MAXIMUM...Read More »

Chicken supplies

Fresh chicken is still plentiful throughout the summer. Then fall arrives and it’s mostly sold out. Get your chicken in the freezer while you can.

...Read More »

Plenty of milk

We now have plenty of milk. Cream will be flowing shortly! Hang in there.

I was able to get four gallons of blueberry ice cream in the freezer (thanks to our good friends who helped).

...Read More »

Chicken Reservations 2013

Baked chicken on wild rice.

It is time to reserve your chicken for the year.

We tried a couple different days of the week last year and found a good solution to our time crunch-Tuesday chickens. So each Tuesday from May to October...Read More »

Chicken Reservations Out Soon

For those of you who love to grill, fry, broil, bake, roast, rotisserie chicken. . .

For those who hate running out. . .

For those who love saving money. . .

Your wait is almost over. . .

Chicken reservation dates will be published soon.

We still have some...Read More »

Another Free eBook - Best of Grain Free Meals

As my health continues to improve I am busy working on many things. One is meal planning. Christmas seems to be just the right time to be working on recipes/cooking. I know I have been and will be throughout the new year.

One of the many blogs I follow is Read More »

Cream for the Holidays

Just in time for your Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations we have CREAM!

I am real excited for butter, sour cream, ranch dip, ranch dressing, whipped cream, ice cream, cream for coffee, cream...Read More »

Stewing Hens

Grandma knew how to make chicken and dumplings taste scrumptious. But when you try her recipe it never seems quite right. The secret (as many of us are finding out) is not just the recipe but the ingredients. She always started with a pastured stewing hen! That is the magic...Read More »

Last Call for Fresh Chicken

With fall well upon us and winter close at hand we are finishing our last few batches of chickens. We do have just a handful left on October 23 and October 30. Please see the shopping cart for more details regarding how many are available. you can also...Read More »

Berry Almond Chicken Salad

Like so many of of you time is a fleeting item. Hard to catch and hold onto. When we can save time we make an effort to do so. That is why I love no-cook lunches!

Berry Almond Salad with Chicken

It is...Read More »

FRESH chicken - limited supply

We only offer fresh (not frozen) chicken on processing days. We are pleased to announce we have 2 days open yet with a fair amount of chicken available and one with a few. If you have not reserved your chickens for the winter yet NOW is the time to do...Read More »

Chicken & Dumplings

Growing up in Minnesota, I didn’t eat chicken & dumplings until we moved here and had them at a church fundraiser. I  am feeling grateful Megan, of Viox Farms, offers her recipe. I have learned passions run high when you talk chicken & dumplings in SE Missouri. Flat or fluffy...Read More »

No-Frills Chicken Soup

Today, Janice shares her easy chicken soup recipe. Her family has been on the GAPS diet for a year and a half. Look for her post on Healing on GAPS. When you make and eat soup daily you need to simplify. This is certainly a simple recipe we can...Read More »

Rubber Chicken

I love Rubber Chicken. No, I’m not talking about the kind made in a factory. I’m talking about the collection of recipes to make your grocery dollar stretch.

First, you start with a roasted chicken. The next day you eat the left over meat. The third day you have soup. Easy...Read More »

The Best Fried Chicken

When we started selling chicken at the Farmer’s Market back in 2004, I would have people say, “I bet you have a great fried chicken recipe”. I was always so disappointed to inform them I had never made fried chicken. What?!?!

We were chicken farmers. We were expected to have a...Read More »

Quantity Beef and Pork

Want to save some money? You can buy your steaks and roast for ground beef prices! We have can quarter beeves and half hogs all boxed up for you. Ready for your freezer.QUARTER BEEF– a little of everything. Steaks, roasts, spare ribs, ground beef. Approximately, 50% is ground. 100 lb...Read More »

Playing with Food-Cows

I found this at Growing Organic, Eating Organic Facebook page.

Since it is tomato season it is a good time to pass it on.

The design uses hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, black olives and some fresh greens.

Have fun!



...Read More »

Homemade Baby Formula, Liver-based

Not everyone can have milk nor can every baby. This liver-based formula from here mimics the nutrient profile of mother’s milk. It is extremely important to include coconut oil in this formula as it is the only ingredient that provides the special medium-chain saturated fats found in mother’s milk....Read More »

FAQ about Real Milk

We frequently get the same questions over and over again so I thought I would address some of them. I know this may seem like common sense but sometimes a person gets so busy they may not stop to think about it how to care for their milk. This will...Read More »

Reserve Fresh Chicken for Fall

It is time to reserve chickens for those who want to pick it up fresh and SAVE. There is a 30 cents per pound savings when you pick up fresh. You can save an additional 10 cents per pound if you get 25 or more chickens. That really adds up!

We...Read More »

Fast, Easy Fruit Ice Cream

We LOVE ice cream at our house. It is such a simple quick snack. We try to keep it in the freezer at all times. It is full of fat and therefore, fat soluble vitamins! I am encouraged by foods that foods that taste good, are good for you and...Read More »

Hard-baked Eggs

I have never been a fan of hard-boiled eggs. It seems I couldn’t get the recipe quite right often overcooking them or peeling the whites clean off the yolks. I have always hated the green yolks and almost icky flavor. The kids will often refuse to eat their yolks. So...Read More »

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