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Garlic Lime Chicken

So many new people. Thought you’d enjoy this…

This is an adaption of the recipe from Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely. We have been using this since the book first came out some time ago. She doesn’t specify using pastured chicken but to get the health benefits we consider it essential....Read More »

Roasted Chicken Recipe Template


With chickens being so big this year I imagine there will be lots of them roasted. It’s an easy cooking technique that provides such scrumptious fare for minimal effort. If you’re new to using whole chickens you will appreciate the simplicity of roasting. You really can’t go wrong.

I will...Read More »

Stewing Hens

Grandma knew how to make chicken and dumplings taste scrumptious. But when you try her recipe it never seems quite right. The secret (as many of us are finding out) is not just the recipe but the ingredients. She always started with a pastured stewing hen! That is the magic...Read More »

FRESH chicken - limited supply

We only offer fresh (not frozen) chicken on processing days. We are pleased to announce we have 2 days open yet with a fair amount of chicken available and one with a few. If you have not reserved your chickens for the winter yet NOW is the time to do...Read More »

Chicken & Dumplings

Growing up in Minnesota, I didn’t eat chicken & dumplings until we moved here and had them at a church fundraiser. I  am feeling grateful Megan, of Viox Farms, offers her recipe. I have learned passions run high when you talk chicken & dumplings in SE Missouri. Flat or fluffy...Read More »

No-Frills Chicken Soup

Today, Janice shares her easy chicken soup recipe. Her family has been on the GAPS diet for a year and a half. Look for her post on Healing on GAPS. When you make and eat soup daily you need to simplify. This is certainly a simple recipe we can...Read More »

Rubber Chicken

I love Rubber Chicken. No, I’m not talking about the kind made in a factory. I’m talking about the collection of recipes to make your grocery dollar stretch.

First, you start with a roasted chicken. The next day you eat the left over meat. The third day you have soup. Easy...Read More »

The Best Fried Chicken

When we started selling chicken at the Farmer’s Market back in 2004, I would have people say, “I bet you have a great fried chicken recipe”. I was always so disappointed to inform them I had never made fried chicken. What?!?!

We were chicken farmers. We were expected to have a...Read More »

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