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Food Art

I think we all need to have fun from time to time. I hope these ideas inspire you.

Food Fun

Perhaps I am a bit quirky. I just love fun stuff like this.

Love the creativity here.

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Fun Food

image from CutestFood

This is such a nifty idea.. The egg white seems a bit skimpy but I haven’t tried it yet so mine may turn out the same.

Who of you has tried to make letters out of eggs?

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Fun Food

I just love food art! I smile every time I see this. No fail. The receiver always has that little secret smile to carry around all day. Sending a little message of love always feels good to the giver,...Read More »

Fun with Food

image from handmadecharlotte.

Each week I am hoping to give you a bit of food inspiration by scouring the web and seeing what other people are doing with their food besides eating it.

Fun at the breakfast table.

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Food Art

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