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FAQ about Real Milk

We frequently get the same questions over and over again so I thought I would address some of them. I know this may seem like common sense but sometimes a person gets so busy they may not stop to think about it how to care for their milk. This will...Read More »

Raw Milk Reality – Facing the Facts

As a scientist, who just loves the nitty-gritty details, I’ve always wanted to study the numbers to determine the true health risks of drinking raw milk. It really shouldn’t be too hard. The difficulty is differentiating the lies, innuendo and garbage spewed out by our government from the fact which...Read More »

Fast, Easy Fruit Ice Cream

We LOVE ice cream at our house. It is such a simple quick snack. We try to keep it in the freezer at all times. It is full of fat and therefore, fat soluble vitamins! I am encouraged by foods that foods that taste good, are good for you and...Read More »

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