The Food

Sustainable farming provides such a good, quality food. But we need to know what to do with it! Over the years selling whole chickens we find the majority of people are unfamiliar with using whole chicken and are unfamiliar with what to do. Here are some thoughts…

Here at Family Friendly Farm we believe that the salvation of our food system is dependent on everyone buying local, eating seasonal and supporting the local farmers and producers with their food dollars. Without this, we are left with multinational conglomerates dictating all our food options. Ugh, what a horrible option!

What do we produce and sell?

Grassfed Cows Milk
Pastured Chicken
Eggs from Pastured Hens

Not everyone can have a store in their home. We have offered to carry the products of the farmers in our area to broaden their marketing options and customer base. We want to see them succeed! Let’s show our support for the farmers and producers in our area.

What do we offer from other producers?

Grassfed Beef; Pastured Pork; Wild, Alaskan Salmon

Organic Rice; Organic Popcorn, Sprouted Grain Breads

Grassfed Cheese

Raw Honey

Nuts & Legumes
Missouri Pecans

Condiments & Other
Organic Apple Butter

Bath & Body Care
Goat Milk Soap
Natural Soap & Lotions
Insect Spray, Deodorants, Salves

Now that I have it, what do I do with it?

Here is your chance to be inspired. We encourage you to share your best recipes as well.

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