This laying hen is curious about the camera. She will want to meet you too when you visit.

We are a small family farm in Missouri located just ten minutes north of Cape Girardeau and about two hours from St. Louis, Poplar Buff, Paducah, KY, Herrin, IL. Our desire is to produce the healthiest, most nutritious food that we can so you can feel good about eating it and feeding it to your family.

The animals are given the best locally grown foods available, allowed unlimited amounts of natural sunshine, fresh air and exercise, never fed routine antibiotics, hormones, or unnatural growth stimulants. Using sustainable agricultural techniques, we provide them an environment where they can thrive. In return, the animals provide a safe, healthy, nutritious meat for our families to eat.

We are not interested in mass marketing our products. We would rather develop a relationship with our customers. They feel confident knowing where their food is coming from, how it was raised, what it was fed and how it was processed. This has brought us a high level of customer loyalty. We have an on-farm store, deliver to many cities around the region and offer our chicken and eggs at many grocery stores and restaurants.

Customers are welcome to visit the farm often and see how the animals are growing, help collect eggs or watch on a chicken processing day. This kind of hands-on environment allows the customer to feel like this is their farm too. That is the way it should be.

Come on out and experience the difference!

Family Friendly Farm, where the animals have…

No antibiotics, our animals are healthy.
No hormones, we allow them to mature and gain weight naturally.
No dangerous growth stimulants, (like arsenic) are ever given to our animals!
No crowded conditions, each has ample room to run either inside or out at will.
No debeaking, tail clipping or other unethical industry standard practices, our animals are never so stressed so they don’t lash out at one another.
Fresh air
, where they can breathe ammonia-free.
Built-in exercise program, we always place the food away from their sleeping area.
Locally raised grains, custom ground for us to ensure the contents are antibiotic free and miscellaneous meat product free.
Moved regularly to fresh grass, to ensure the the grass is actively growing for maximum vitamin intake.
Love, as you can see by the quality of care and concern for the well being of the animals.